App crashing on using @vknow360 deep link extension

i dont know why this is happening…but its crashing…previously it was working…but after the update on DeepLink ( it has stopped working.

problem is that app is not even opening…after i get a prompt of opening link in my app…and after i select my app…it crashes

Show your blocks

Deep host extension can not support properly in kodular delete that extension

Here is the reason:

You can try using default package name.

I dont think its a deep host extension…

so why not revert back the old version of the site that was previously working with kodular

it was working good…plz

What about this?

It is not @Deephost Extension This Extension is made by @vknow360

assuming that by ‘default package’ you meant to say that the package kodular creator provides till we dont edit and add any custom package…the custom package name is much necessary for my app…and thats the problem

Then compile old version source.
Only thing which seems to be missing is launchMode element of UsesActivities annotation.
Ask Kodular to implement, if it does not exist.