App crashing: Runtime error

hello, i am creating an wallpaper app, but i am facing some runtime error issues. When i run the app it lags and when i go on screen 3 it shows a runtime error. please help me. Kindly waiting for a positive reply.
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Your Images are to big


no sir my images are around less than 200 kb. but i have a lot of images.

It is not about the size in kb but the size in pixels. You images are still the problem.

but i have seen apps in playstore they have high resolution images, why don’t there app crashes?

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Because its not related to any app, its related to memory(RAM) of your device.

It depends on how much RAM does your device has and how much is used by your app, keeping in mind another needed processes that are running in your device’s background which also occupy RAM.

Thanks a lot for the information bro. So, what should i do to solve this problem?

Follow the tips 1 & 2 in the topic below

Thanks for the help!

Yes , i had this problem, but now fixed