App Error phrase error

I have made app from Makeroid but when i install it , it shows phrase error
please solve it

Please give us more information.

  • Which version of Android you are using?
  • Have you tried compiling app again with another browser?
  • Have you tried compiling app again?
  • Have you tried app with another device?

Android version is marshmallow

Did it work with another device?
If not;

  • What’s the minimum SDK of your project?
  • Is your app already on your device and are you trying to update/upgrade it?

26 sdk level

Marshmallow means API 23,
But your app targets the only API 26 devices.
So, your app will work only with Oreo devices.
API can not be higher as the device version.

Solution: Decrease the minimum API level that your application targets.

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Thanks a lot

The option you see on screen 1 is not to change the target sdk level…

We added a MIN SDK property.

Min and target is a complete different thing…

WE, set the target sdk version.
YOU, as user can set a min sdk. This means you can choose which min android version a user needs to install your app.

I dont know how much I answered that already on our community…


I apologize if I said something wrong. I just wanted to understand the source of the problem and help.

I did not know that.

It is not a problem to ask.
But sometimes you can search first what some words mean.

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sorry @mika i didn’t see carefully :disappointed_relieved: