App Export issue from today

Hello from past 30 minutes when i try to export shows sum one cut your power…and compiled failed why?

Can you share the error screen shot.

Please solve this

Press the View Log button and post the log here.

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after click view log it shows only…
Makeroid is unable to compile this project .
The compiler error output was

Compile this app in other browser i suggest you edge or ucbrowser

sir i try to export same app in other new account…but same issue…ok i try different brouser but now i use chrome…

i use it uc brouser and firebox but same problem…i think this bug is in makeroid platform.

Why don’t you show your blocks? I guess it’s an error in your code. But without seeing this, it’s impossible to determine where the error is.

sir when i going to export it shows …picture already send…
not only in one project all project same issue create at same time …and i make new account and then try to export…but same problem.

when i try to vacant project export then same problem,…
now how i accept problem in my project

Maybe your app is wrong coded, could you share the blocks?

how can i share my block …by pic ya whatsapp openly no…my project is big…
and one more problem
pushnotification when i put one signal id and click it automatic empety

this app is in play store how can code wrong

click the download blocks as image button and then upload the image here

So, that’s what I said, there is something wrong in your code and now you’re starting to tell us something about it. If you really wanna help in this question, just start to use Windows Spinning to get your blocks and put here. But if your project is too big, and you cannot (or don’t want) to show us, so, we cannot help you.

ok sir i share my all blocks image…

please stay on line

by downloading block as image he can show us every block in one image there is no limit

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Yes, that’s right!!

sir your loding project features very iritating us…many tie spend
in my project total 9 screen …this mean i take 9 image

the problem occure just when you first open another project then go back and open another one.
Try reload the page because it could take minutes like that

can i give aia then you see clearly

just upload it then