App exporting error

When I am trying to export apk an error is showing which is HTTP response was too large:33633291.The limt is 33554432.Please help me to fix this error.

Clear cookies and retry

How to clear cookies I don’t know.Please tell me how I can clear cookies.

Your app is to big


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How I can reduce the app size.I have tried by deleting 2 screens but still the issue is not solved.I have also tried clearing cookies but still problem is not solved.

Remove assets as they are the ones that take a lot of space


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My app will work or not if I will remove assets.I have added images in the app so they will be visible to users or not.

At the moment your app isn’t working, that’s for sure. You have to test yourself by removing assets.

May Be Your Images Size Will Too Large , Try To Compress The Images And Upload It

Can you tell me how I can call the images from firebase storage.

Yes but you are hijacking this topic.

Can you tell me how i can show images from airtable?I want to know the block part & components used for it.

I don’t use any of those databases present in Kodular thereby I don’t know how, but doing a search in community for images from airtable you will find lots of questions and answers fot it

Have a good hunting for your issue


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