App for mechanical workshop

Hello, I designed this application for a client who owns a mechanical workshop.
It has a stock of spare parts, customer data, control of debts and customer payments, customer data such as name, surname, postal address, telephone, email. the application is made to the liking of my client and is 100% modifiable for whoever wants can write me by private message

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Hi @Lagu6 Congrats Dear on your work
Please Improve UI, search on Community to improve.
Now your app looks like some textbox and text.If you can improve UI by adding Vector Images,Using suitable colours,fonts etc …it will be nice

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Thanks for your comment. The application is made as requested by the client. I needed something easy to understand and easy. Anyway I appreciate your comment. regards

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Nice work but you need to work on the UI… By the way I’m creating an app for a tution class if you want I can send you the screenshot of my UI and if you want you can buy it

the interface was chosen by the client. Wanted easy to understand. I don’t understand what you want to offer me …