APP function controlled by bluetooth remote control

Hi, I want to control some functions of my app by a bluetooth remote control. It is possible?
I want to try a cip remote control, do you think that a BT remote control for smartphone camera shot could be useful?

Thank you!!!

I bought the remote control, I connect it with smartphone bluetooth, I see it in my app list but when I try to connect a have an error connection (error 507).
How I can resolve this problem?
Has anyone tried to connect a bluetooth keyboard or mouse to their app?

Thank you!!!

Does the remote control use Bluetooth classic or BLE?


It Use BLE.
I succesfully connect the shutter to my app and I able to take some information about bluetooth shutter (the name, if it is connect… ecc) but now the problem is to receive the button-click.
Which UUID do I have to use with which command (ReadStrings/ReadBytes…)???

Already asked here


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also you are wasting other people’s time… you don’t want that, do you?
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Thank you Taifun, I think I’m free to use both builders (and forums) as you are free to watch both forums.
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I’m very sorry.