App hanging problem

Hello dear I created small project.
When image is showing than in application hanging problem.
For show image I used.
Button click Call firebase DB.
Got url and set URL in image.

Dear friends,
Any ideas.
Why is showing this problem.

Be patient. If someone hasn’t replied in a few days then ask again.

Maybe because the images stored in firebase have large size.

Can we create folder & sub-folder in firebase storage

This may be not solution of this to create folder or sub folder, you have to upload decrease image size.

I think this folder and sub-folder is creating problem

Use Image Utilities component.
That shall make your app working fine.

Is this component inbuilt in Kodular ?


What is different between both please explain me

My application is too much hanging only from images uploading and showing

And how can use image utility

currently you are loading many images at once which results in app crash

Image utilities component loads images asynchronously
It means that it loads images one after another, so app works smooth

Okk thanks

Better if you use cloudinary and airtable it easy with no problem