How to show random 10 posts on my Screen?

Airtable and Firebase

Thanks. I will for sure look into it.

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You might be use dynamic arrangement for this

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There are plenty of bugs in that extension. That couldn’t be of much help for me : (

Do you have any hint to use this extension to create the app I am desiring ??

I want to show 10 random posts on my Screen and I found a little solution on it on Thunkable.
There’s an app in ThunkableX named SnapGram.
And an app which I am desiring can just be created using a couple of blocks in it.

SO, is there any alternate to the below block in Kodular -

Im pretty bad in using lists :neutral_face:


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You can use list utilities from appybuilder and shuffle list select index like normal,
for more info visit :- Shuffling / Ordering Lists | Hossein Amerkashi's Blog

yes i have but not same desgin i made , i achieve diffent desgin

Facebook.aia (30.0 KB)

if its a solution then give solution mark


Thank You. Thats exactly what I need but why is it taking around 14 seconds to just show 2 posts ??

Because i not connect it with database , i created the variable in app that’s why. you should connect that with database and then see , might be with airtable it take time load you should connect it with firebase
Thank You

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No. That’s not the reason I think because since you are loading the image from a link, you have shall use image utilities but how to use image utilities with that List View component ??

Image Utilities component does not load images fast. It is used in the app so that the application will not lag while loading the images.

I think many Koders have this misunderstanding regarding Image utilities component. :sweat_smile:

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I mean that only. I know image utilities is used to load images asynchronously so that other programs don’t get stopped.

But that does not load images fast. In fact, I have also faced some problems while loading images dynamically. Sometimes it loads fast, and sometimes it takes too much time to load.


yes , i also face this problem any one know the solution of that please share here

yeps, due to link its take a time try with airtabel or with other database

Solution is to use Vertical or Horizontal arrangement instead of image view and set the arrangement background as your photo. :wink: