App has stopped

Dear team,
I created application it’s working fine in my mobile.
But any other mobile - when click to app icon for open.
Then showing -
App name has stopped
Close App name

What is cause of this error ?
Can any one Explain me.

This is my first screen block.
And I’m using splash image (.PNG format)

Help me team

This is images

Show the error :slight_smile:

I found that
Splash image was bugs
I changed image then working fine

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@Vikash_Rana was expecting that :wink:

@Mohyaddeen_Mazin This topic was created 2 months ago.

You are just 2 months late to answer it :laughing:

can have to bugs in the image ?

That’s mean bug can come to any time into image.
When App is running condition.

Am I right?

Sorry for Late

Haha but looks like @vikash_rana’s bug isn’t solved yet

Maybe - Yes