App icon Images are loading late

do anybody know why images are loading late ? its happening from last night. even in yesterday it was working fine. loading images instantly. don’t know why its loading late. from last night it was loading late whenever i was opening the app . currently its loading late only on first load rest is good now.Any help will be appreciated.

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From where do you loading icon?

added png files to my assets

I am so sorry. The site was not loading from last night so I forgot to search the Topic and Posted the question. And I dont have sense where to post the question.I apologies for that.

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it’s fine… show your blocks share sample apk let’s see if we could help

blocks are not organized. and i have A lot of blocks. here is a few blocks

OptionWriting.apk (9.1 MB)

Those block doesn’t show anything regarding your issue


Are you talking about these images?

These are working fine…

If you mean a delay when displaying images from assets in APK I have the same problem since the upgrade to Eagle

Asset files working good here…

Can you please post a sample APK here so that I can be aware of this problem?

In fact no, but I think it is due to the new form of compilation

Off-Topic: I tried to talk to Diego about this, but I enabled the encrypted messages by mistake and I couldn’t see his answer ;-;

I don’t remember my phassprase

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The images are too large for their purpose


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same happening here, before they were working fine but now they take 2-3 seconds to load and sometimes does not load at all.
It happens like 2 out of 10 times
EDIT it is happeing every time, when i close other screen and get back to this screen.

HERE are the snaps :

Image loading was working super fine some days ago, i thought it is my device that is causing the problem then i saw this topic. I deleted some extra assets from project still no luck.

The PNG files are also not very big may be 512 x 512 maximum. @Diego kindly suggest some work around.


record-20191019-092449.mp4 (2,3 MB)

Well, it happens to me even in Companion, even the application (Companion) takes a while to load (Approx 5 seconds)

@Diego Companion is designed for high end phones? :worried::sweat_smile:


well I think your internet is slow coz it is showing E" in the status bar, but yes companion takes time to load everything with screens have lots of components, but the delay is acceptable there not in APK. :roll_eyes:

record-20191019-094128.mp4 (1,4 MB)

Even with WiFi LTE the same thing happens

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As a support to @alexitoo_uy, it is heaving delay on loading for me too.


Same in my app

Those blank spaces are the space of images