App in review of admob ad on kodular

3 months ago I sent an app to analyze Kodular’s Admob monetization, but a day later I ended up removing this app from my Kodular projects. Now I want to send another app to Kodular to see if it releases my ads in the app but I can’t, it shows I have an app under review. This app under review is what I already exclude from Kodular

Do you by any chance have the project id


yes, this is the id


Help me please, I can’t send my app for Kodular ad analysis!
I sent the app ID in the message above

contact kodular technical team via email. i had the same problem twice - they helped

Can you give me email address of kodular team because I faced also the same issue.

Go to -> click on the support button -> top right corner -> click on the New Ticket


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Thank you for your response