App Installed Error

Hlw I m making any app and install show app not installed please help me


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I know but how to fix bug

Then fix it. All the best :+1:

There is no bug. Sideloading apps is discouraged. I use my phone without Play Protect (because Play Protect is useless and inconvenient)

Users will not get this dialogue once you publidh your app to Google Play.


How to solve for all time aapka error nhi aa rha h

What do you mean? Please be a bit more detailed.

I m making any app any platform show this error

Read my post, @surajmodakooo

Thanks but showing all ues or only me

Anyone with Play Protect turned on will get the message.

Play protect on every body how to fix this problem please help

Instead of panicking, read my first post. I answered already.

But no Google console account

Then disable play protect on your device.

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Play protect disable my device but other devices

Then, of course, you need open a developer account. :sweat_smile:

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