App Inventor Source Zip is Empty

Progress Running…

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Got this Error :worried:

Maybe issue is network bandwidth.

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I don’t know if this will help but you could try it.

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I have tried it again and now Progress is running normally. 10% Completed…

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Was download successfull?

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No… I have slow internet connection because i’m using mobile network.

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I got this new Error…

Trying Many times but…

First I believe you need to delete the appinventor sources folder every time that cloning fails and then try to download again. Also the problem most probably is caused by your network

what i need to do after download complete?

Besides appinventor-sources you must install also


Why these two?

This is getting off topic compared to the question in the first post. This is also not Kodular related and should be asked in the App Inventor community.

So sorry but i’m only using Kodular so want help from here… hope you will understand :innocent: :innocent:

That is not true. You are using the App Inventor Source code. And you got answers pointing to the App Inventor Community.

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Because i wanna learn about Extensions… Any way My issue hase been Resolved :innocent:

Thanks @dora_paz for your kind Help :pray:

You should try Rush for developing extensions

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:thinking: Is i need to start again for Rush :neutral_face:

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