App Inventor Store - AN ONLINE SHOP!

App Inventor Store

For 2 weeks, I have been working on my side project, App Inventor Store. It is an online store, where you can buy snippets, tutorials, extensions, help & apps (templates, assets and project files).


  • Snippets - 2$ each
  • Tutorials - 5$ each
  • Extensions - 10$ each
  • Help - 25$ each (1 hour of personal help)
  • Apps - 100$ each




  1. Rush delivery available - it means that following product has automatizated system. Whenever you buy a product, you will get an email instantly from App Inventor Store. It will contain your invoice, purchased product’s files and other details. (This tag is not existing on Help category products).
  2. Verified charity contribution - this means, that some money out of the price will be donated to a charity, crowd funding goal. In this case, I am donating that money to MIT’s App Inventor for iOS Crowdfunding Campaign. To see how much percents will be donated, please check Product Details tab.
  3. Express checkout powered by PayPal - this tag is available on every single product and it means, that user is able to buy and checkout following product with PayPal. Note, PayPal after purchase a product, will send you an email too.


Thanks to automatizated system, you instantly get your purchased product files, without requiring me, to manually send it to you. Most of the times, you get an email in 10 minutes, but sometimes, if our “listener” is down, it can take up to 2 hours. But we guarantee you, that we will send your product in 4 days, if that didn’t happen, please contact me at [email protected]



Frequently asked questions tab that contains answers to 2 most popular questions.


Product details tab contains a few details about the project (Minimum Android SDK level, Charity proceeds (this will be always 10%), Currently known issues)


Our screenshots that are showcasing a product, sometimes uses different app builders, but this doesn’t mean anything. Just know, that if you want to use an extension, or any product with App Inventor, make sure it is minimum Android API level not bigger than 4, cause else, it means that the product is only available to Thunkable, AppyBuilder and Makeroid.


We, also known as “App Inventor Store” are not a company, relative or any kind of affiliate to MIT. In addition to that, we want to note you, that any products that we are selling are not provided by Massachusetts Institute of Technology. If you still have any questions regarding to App Inventor privacy policy and terms of use, please check MIT App Inventor terms of use for more details about their rights, trademarks and copyrights.


I will be uploading new products every weekend, so you will be able to find new products every week.



If you have any questions regarding App Inventor Store, send a private message. If there is issues with buying process, please email me at [email protected]



Happy building and happy shopping!

Best regards, Ben.


Where is the URL? :sweat_smile:

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Oh so aorry! Editing post

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looks good…
is there also something available for free? according to your price list I only see items with prices?


Hello @Taifun, I just didnt have time upload my free products, I will do that on a weekend. Thanks!

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Hello everyone,
in the meantime, I will be adding Google Wallet button, so people would be able to purchase products with it, so @Brainwork or any other person who can’t use PayPal due to country restrictions, will now be able to buy stuff + also, I want to warn that Google Wallet users won’t be able to enjoy “Rush delivery” option, which instantly sends a purchased product files!
Best regards, Ben.
P.S: there is a little 5% possibility, that I can try to make a background tasks extension. If I succeed doing that, there would be a lot of limits + this is not an official way and I would be doing a workaround! But, I am not saying that I WILL make it, I will TRY! Thank you.

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add more extensions and more stuff. It’s like a desert right now. :desert:

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i would be glad if you could add the ability to sell source codes and also a Bitcoin or Crypto payment methods to your store

I’ll see what I can do. But you see, Bitcoin is a decentralised cryptocurrency. You can’t tell whether you’ll lose 1000 dollars or lots of more. If I would sell stuff for Bitcoins and it would go down, I would lose a lot of money, thats the problem. Currently I am working on an OpticalMath (A photomath alternative, written natively, without an app builder) and to make sure that it will have a good start, I need to save those money for it. I’ll see, what I can do, best regards!

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ok brother. thank you

Easter is just around the corner! Happy coming easter to you :slight_smile:! I thought it would be great idea to make an Easter Discount!
From Friday, absolutely all the products will have a 25% discount and a mini bonus extension (which comes with every single purchase)


Easter Discount

Happy coming Easter to you, again :smiley:! To celebrate easter this year, I made a huge discount on App Inventor store for a week! By purchasing any product from the store you will get:

  • -25% off discount (5$->3.75$; 10$->7.50$; 25$->18.75$)
  • a bonus mini extension (which is a particle system)

Video Demonstration (about the bonus extension)


NOTE: You won’t be able to get this extension ever again. It is available only for limited time (March 30 - April 6), only on Easter week on App Inventor Store. Next year, this extension won’t be available too. It’s like item of the week. So, if you want it, buy any product from the App Inventor store (tutorial, extension, help).

Let’s do the shopping!


Magic Egg (bonus extension) blocks

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Today is the last day. Magic egg extension will be no longer obtainable after the Easter discount week.


  • Added Goals Meter
  • Added Bitcoin payment method support


:warning:   Every single purchase funds the Goal, it may take up to 24 hours for the Goals Meter to update.

:warning:   Bitcoin payment method takes 5% additional processing fee in addition to the product’s price.


Big things are coming…

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I know that quote:


Community appreciation week

It’s here! Thanks to our wonderful community of passionate app makers, App Inventor Store is now having a CAW - a community appreciation week. Within it, absolutely all of the products have -50% off discount.


  • Added Chat Interface extension, Particles extension and Block2Code Help products.
  • Renamed Makeroid Help to Kodular Help to keep up with the Kodular’s name update.
  • Disabled Bitcoin payment method and goals meter during the week for multiple purposes.
  • Disabled automatical system that sends extensions during the week, to cope with the fraudulent purchases, extension “scamming” and busy network traffic.
  • Chat Interface, Particles, Kodular Help and Block2Code Help screenshots are not available yet.

Half of the week has passed!

Community appreciation week has ended!

Update Changelog:

  • Prices reverted back to normal.
  • Bitcoin payment method is available again.
  • Goals meter is available again.
  • Rush delivery is available again (automatical system).
  • BlockAdBlock system has been added.

Coming Soon

  • “Design guard” protection system is coming soon.
  • Screenshots for Chat Interface, Particles, Kodular Help and Block2Code Help products are coming soon.
  • AdSense advertisements are coming soon.

Typo Fixes

  • Changed “Makeroid Help” to “Kodular Help” in Bitcoin payment option.

:warning:    Notice: Because of the problems caused by “scammers” - redistribution, App Inventor Store is working on something and will soon release “Design Guard”. It’s a system that repackages every single extension, making it not possible to decompile and/or recompile the extension again. If there is a “Design guard protection status” badge available and on preview near “Verified charity contribution” and/or “Rush delivery available” badges, it means design guard is being used by the product.

Best regards and keep on Kodulin’,
Ben :wink: