App is closing when opening it

The app is closing when opening it please help me
here is the apk file :
VideoCallV3 (4).apk (5.6 MB)

here are the blocks

please help

Let me see logs

i didnt understand by logs

did you find anything

I think it is causing due to the list Permission extension. Make sure you’re using androidx version of the extension. You need to recast the extension own.


please explain sumit

where should i change to make it work

recast aia and compile again

but i am didnt created the extention

recast can be used by anyone

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i did not create even 1 extention

Why won’t you try it ?

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i dont know the logics and from where to start

it doesnt need extension development idea, its just a CLI tool

what is CLI tool

@NV_Browser_3.O Can you try upgrading ListPermission Extension

i am also making a app in which i need video call i searched a lot and came to end with this aia i am also having the same issue this is my code. >>The start value is the other users number

i have set app id and token and channel in code only but when i am clicking on button in compainion then the screen is closing or the compainion is closing. please someone help

Hi, try to remove the block for permissions from the screen1, since this situation occurs precisely during intalization


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