App is lagging too much

If you have the same blocks in every screen you programmed your app wrong. This is absolutely not necessary. It seems that you are more interested in the ads in your app then in the content.

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so how can i put ads in every screen

Use this as a sample voor your ebook.

Because that is all you made. Can not help you with the ads. I really don’t like ads.

And that was not the original question. That was about the lagging.

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i have made almost 8 apps with these blocks and don’t find any problem a year ago, after one year i have made app with these blocks and it is lagging

You still didn’t explain what lags?

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lags means the app is running slow and now it is crashing also

What is running slow? The switching of the screens? The loading of the html page? Do you get a message when it crashes?

all screens are running slow and yes i get message that your app is stopped working

What kind of phone do you have and show the content of your html file? The Kodular version of today is another one then a year ago. APIs got updated, etc etc.

Since your app doesn’t contain much it seems, use the ebook sample i gave you and test that.

i have redmi note 5 pro and 10.orG phone. Below is the html file (3.4 KB)

you send me a rar file as a zip? Can not open it. Something is wrong with it. And like i said try the ebook sample and report back here.

is the ebook app can run offline and below is the screenshot of html file

i have used the ebook app blocks in my app and it is lagging also

Then it has something to do with your phone. I also make my own ebooks based upon the template and i have no problems at all.

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I Have found the solution, the app is lagging because of the splash screen and after i removed it the app runs fine


And how big was your image in px


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… but what exactly was the reason why the app slowed down? What size / resolution / format did you use for the Splash Image? Or maybe a Clock? For me Peter’s eBook works fine, even with the splash screen (Xiaomi Redmi Note 5, Android 9).

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… I am always too late :wink:


Full HD 1080*1920

Prefer short sentences as I don’t like to write too much and that’s why I’m always ahead of you :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


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