Easy way to make an e-book

This is what i think the easiest way to make an e-book with Kodular.

Make a design with just a webviewer and a sidemenulayout. Use the Tools extension from @Taifun. Webviewer is fill parent in height and width.

Use the following blocks.

In screen.initialize the header, title and subtitle are set and the first html page is loaded from the assets. Then the procedure is called to generate the sidemenu.

In the global chapterlist a list is made with the names of all chapters.

In the procedure generatemenu the sidemenu is made were the title is taken from the chapterlist list.

In the on menu item click the webviewer home url block is loaded with the html file that matches the index number of the item clicked.

So Chapter 1 is index 1 is 1.html, Chapter 2 is index 2 is 2.html, etc etc etc.

A lot of things could be added like image in the menu items or more then one group of chapters, etc etc but that is up to you.

Have fun experimenting.


A great guide from our dear @Peter


Because of the problems some users have with the webviewer component after the update i tested this again and it is still working for me.

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