The <ol></ol> html code does not work in the Label

And the “DOT” generated by the

    code is too small, and there is a carriage return after each
  • .

    Is there a way I can edit this? Or use another component, which can do more HTML?

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    The Webviewer can do more HTML.


    Have you selected “use html format” from advanced properties of the label.

    Yes I did, but the “li” tag creates too small a “dot” and ol tag does not work. And the li tag creates a carriage return ( a blank line). Anyway I can edit it?

    Good idea, Ken. I will try webviewer to load HTML.

    Thank you all.

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    Its not ol its ul tag unordered list

    What are you trying to show?

    There are two types of list in HTML unordered list which is represented by <ul> tag as you said and the other one is ordered list which is represented by <ol> tag


    In Label component, the ol tag does not show numbers and the ul tag create extra line after each li tag. That’s what I mean.

    Once I switch to webviewer componenet, issue solved. Hope people don’t try to use html in label component.

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    In that case I am marking @Ken’s reply as solution, as he was the first to give the idea

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