Server error could not save one or more files try again

that also may be a reason.You have many assets?

I made less the file size.

Can you post a screenshot of your assests.How much files you have right now?

17 Image and 634kb Size.

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Okay.What about this:

Those you’re loading in text string right?And not from your assets?

How much text limitations?

I don’t know exactly but its not a big limitation. Don’t put large text in a label, text string block,etc…For example how much the html text you are loading in the web viewer? If its large, Its preferable to load from the assets.See here an example:

Thanks @Mohamed_Tamer

The problem is It’s Not Safe.

At least can you answer my question.What is the length of your html String?

I have 18 lessons. Average 300 line code and 20000 letters.

that’s really large.You must find another way to view.Just for test.Remove the text strings and try.

20604 letter = 34.51 KB*18 = 621.18 kb I thing it’s Small.

Try this: :upside_down_face: if it works so that is the problem

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If I Disable the text block, then it works. Question is! If I Use join block for separate many blocks can it work?

So this is the problem

Maybe.But that will make your blocks very big!!The best solution is to store in the assets.I think that isn’t a dangerous solution.

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I can use tinyDB? How much data(size) can store in tonyDB?

You can store in tiny db of course it may have less limitations but it’s also hack able.

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It’s safe from (file.html) store in the assets.

Not that much.A root device can access those.But a normal device can’t access

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