Webviewer not showing html file properly

I uploaded some html files as text files to assets, and l loaded into the webviewer using file block. I got text from the file and gave it to the webviewer. It is not working, instead it is showing some alien code in webviewer. Can anyone help me on this problem pls…

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See this sample on how to display html files in a webviewer.


You have to provide us more details to help you better.

What kind of HTML files are these? Are they third-party pages you downloaded off the internet? If so, there’s a high chance the pages won’t work. Modern websites use background frameworks to print an HTML page on your screen. There are several API calls and fetches which happen in the background that ensure the page is displayed correctly. If you download such a page and show it as plain HTML, none of the server calls will be made and the page will look slightly off.

Second, how are you loading the HTML?
A screenshot of your blocks will be appreciated

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I tried these two methods, but both didn’t work. But sometimes the webviewer loads it perfectly some times not.
I am working with 91 text files in this case.!
Please check all images…


Can you please give me the aia file, It will be more helpful to me…

You should follow @Peter’s topic. There is already AIA provided by him.

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I guess you didn’t read my topic.

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Still don’t know what you are trying to achieve. Why use a file component to show info in a webviewer?

Also read this.

At i didn’t want to use it in that way, but in appybuilder the project won’t build. So i did this way, then it built.

I guess you should start anew. Use the way the ebook tutorial loads the html files as a starting point.

when i am trying to do some changes like adding more titles, then the companion closing, and the kodular froze like it has 8000 blocks in it. And it is not showing any tables from the html file.

Please follow the tutorial and then get back to us if you had issues implementing it.

We can’t help you out if you refuse to try the suggestions provided.

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Is there any way to show tables in label using html method, Please help me… I am working on it for a very long time …

why exactly don’t you follow @Peter’s advice?
you also can try App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Dynamic Table Layout | Pura Vida Apps

I tried but its not showing tables, so i tried this one. but it can not build apk. … Please check my project newone.aia (233.6 KB) Please Check the screen Import7E0F92.

The WebViewer seems to come from AppyBuilder and is not compatible with Kodular. Remove it and the APK will be created. So add a new Web_Viewer and rebuild …

It is not working, i replaced with new webviewer. Still it did not build…Any other ideas please…

You must remove the old WebViewer, see attached …

newone2.aia (29.6 KB)
newone2.apk (6.5 MB)

Hi Peter.
So instead of “.html” would I put the webpage link I want to open?
I’m thinking of “attaching” a Googles forms form to my App. I just want to view the Forms in my app. Any tips?