Load html in webviewer

I tried this earlier… :wink: :disappointed:

Also I am soo new to html and js so Idk what I am doing wrong. can you send pics of the whole blocks which are needed for a simple example?

Same here… I have no knowledge of js.I know a little bit CSS and most of the HTML.

So, what about this:

Someone can help? :pray: This question is not answered yet…

Did you mean how to load HTML in webviewer?

Yes, I want to know

and want clear blocks on how to do it bc I am a newbie. :grimacing:

My HTML file is an animation with 4 external JS files. How to display them offline?

@Peter has a good example of it:

To make it clear:

I want to know what to put in here:

Sorry for this cheekiness (I want to know it know it! Am totally stuck :pleading_face:)

Why don’t you put everything in the HTML file?
For css it would be:

(CSS here)

And for javascript

(JS here)

This isn’t the best solution, but it’s totally fine for small projects.

Let me see… the html has 160 000 digits and 70 lines and I have two of them and I

That is an extra small project :wink:
Why don’t you do what i told you to?

Did you see this:

Where should I write that

code? :thinking: :pensive:

In the html file

Yes I know, but where? In the HTML file, which is an animation file created with Google WebDesigner, the default sources are defined by default as these adresses, where this javascript code is located. I want to upload this JS code to Kodular and then retrieve it without Internet connection. And Idk where to write your

code. Where is this in? Can you explain with my image? :grimacing: :hushed: :confused:

And I forgot to say, my JS files use functions and are 415 lines long, with over 200 000 places. Idk if that helps you somewhat.

I always put it right before the end of the body and html tags.

But in my html, I

And the Pic shows it. the sources are at the beginning of the file. Just checked it’s within the head.

I don’t get why you can’t do this:

Bc I think then two sources would be given…

Which editor are you using?

Ok… Thnx for reply…

Without compiled

  1. file:///mnt/sdcard/file.html
    Before compiled
  2. file:///android_asset/file.html

If you want to run javascript in yo webview, never use (WebViewString), just use (Evaluate js)

Exemple 1) javascript pure:
Evalaute Js = [

Exemple 2) javascript with Jquery:
Evalaute Js = [$(document).ready(function(){