Kodular is slowing down when I start my project

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Book Application

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This book has more then 25 chapters, I’ve added the text into labels, but when I start to work on my project it takes much time to open my project,


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Check your internet speed.

If you add more images/files in assets then project takes more time to load. Try uploading images to cloud storage then load image url in app.

Do you use a mobile device or a laptop?

How many labels do you have also how much text does each chapter contains and the last one is it foreign text or in latin.

Note: there is a limit on how much text you can put in ex. label, textblock string, etc…

Best choice for you would be either this

or reading your chapters from csv file…

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It contains Arabic text , Urdu text and English text, till now I’ve added around 400 lables, and in total there are around more then 600 lables. :pensive::pensive:

It’s something like this…

I didn’t add more images , till now only 5 images in total.

It’s 5G, Internet

I’m using laptop.

Eventually you app won’t even build if you continue to create your app as you are doing right now…