Screen Not coping

I tried to copy screens in Kodular. Am getting same error called …

" Server error: could not copy form. Please try again later! "

Can any one help me…How many Screens can create in KODULAR ??

How many have you copied?
You can add as many as you want but it is recommended to have not more than 10 screens.


Reload creator and try again after clearing browser’s cache/cookies.


I want minimum 25 Screens. Is there any alternative ??

May depend on a number of things, number of blocks, extensions you use, naming of your components

Have seen one and another thread where extensions have been renamed

Why do you need so many


You can create as much screens as you want.

I created Screens using ZIP files…Screens created sucessfully. In editing those screens are errors errors like " An internal error has occurred. Report a bug? "

creating book app with topic wise … 22 topics

this guide can help you to do that in less screen:

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How exactly did you do this

If you are manipulating your aia outside of Kodular and not doing it properly, how do you think it will work then

Btw, why didn’t you mention this in your first post


after that i tried…but it failed

this is not recommended, see also Building Apps with Many Screens
see also tip 1 here