Can't make slider menu

Hi, I’m new here
where can I find a resource describing the menu construction steps in sequence

menü yapım aşamalarını sırayla anlatan bir kaynak nereden bulabilirim ?

Which Manu side menu if yes then the component for it already available

I make a slide menu, but the page does not open when I make a selection from the menu

It seems to be correct. Do the screens exist?

I think only one should be set to true


try it, but problem seems to be continuing.
I open the login screen and select any screen (for example, Calculate Scale). Another screen won’t open

yes there are screen

You could use this tutorial to make your menu and see if it works then.

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its good but i dont want like your menu. i gues your menu with run online and with chapter list.

i want to make slider menu with screen. my slider menu good for me but it isn’t run :frowning:
it opening, screen1 and than i selected screen2 its ok :+1: i want to go back screen1 but its not open screen1