Web View cannot scrollable even after scrollable is checked?

Hello, i am new user of this kodular,
i try to make scrollable page that contain many information, so the user can see lot of information by scrolling down the screen.

the problem is :
when i try to design my apps in the kodular webview, it cannot be scroll down so i cannot put any other image or label below the last information.

this is the top view :

this is the view when i put label after last information (it cannot sroll up or down)

i already checked the scrollable option in the screen and i already try to use vertical scroll arrangement with scrollable checked, but still cannot scroll up or down :

already search on kodular community and youtube but no clue
and sorry for the noob question (i am still trying to understand how this kodular works)

You don’t have to make screen scrollable if you are using webview …

thanks for your answer,

i already try to unchecked the scrollable, but still cannot go to bottom of the screen to put more information.

but when i try this on kodular companion on my phone, it can scroll up and down perfectly.

my only problem is on the webview i cannot scroll it up and down and i cannot put any other label or image after the last label

But, in your image i can’t see webview it only contans space, image and label

If you want to display a lot of info you could use this tutorial to make a kind of e-book.

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yes sorry, maybe i explaining my question in the wrong way,

i want to put more image and label below the “label3” so if i open it in the mobile, it will display a lot of information and can be scroll up and down.
but when i try to design it on the web c.kodular.io to put more image and label below the “label3” i cannot scroll down or up, so i cannot arrange what to put next or revise what its on the top.
even after i check the scrollable option.

or maybe i do it the wrong way i don’t know since i cannot find any other tutorial to make something like this.

then put all in vertical_scroll_arrangement

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i already try it, and set vertical_scroll_arrangement height to 100%
after my label and image reach the final frontier of the screen then put more image, it will overwrite the label above it and not under the last label.

please see this screenshot below :

and this is the result (the red box is image that overwrite the label)

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