Offline Webpage

hi kodular users and developers
i want to asking some question
is it possible make “offline webviewer” ?
i have all the file such as html and js file, i can play the “html 5” without internet conncetion and my chrome bar will be :
i hope you guys understand my question

is there possible to make like webviewer with kodular and the not store to any hosting?

Yes, You can
Place all files in your assets folder(upload it in assets from creator) and then use file component / taifun extension to load those local files in web viewer. To learn how to load local files in web viewer use search tool

This topic may help you:

See this example

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i did and successfull on companion, buat when i export to apk its loading with my loading css but always loading

do your e-book works on apk? not companion only

Yes they work. Did you follow the guide?

i did same like you almost 100% step, but only work on companion

can you check whats wrong with my step Peter

Try the aia i gave as an example.

how and where can i get the aia, i couldn’t found aia in yours example

Oops, added the aia to the example. :crazy_face:

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Hi Peter i am still on problem same like before, i just replace the name with your to be 3.html and still can’t on apk, can you help me to check this?ebook_template.aia (293.1 KB)

It works but you are not giving it a html page like an ebook should look. I even can see the spinner but there isn’t much else inside it. So the app works but your html page not.

in Assets is html format is true that i gave, when i am using taifun extension is ok and can play on companion only not when i exported to apk, check on Screen 2 Peterebook_template.aia (315.2 KB)