App is not opening after install

Post your apk here

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MiHuZe.apk (9.4 MB)
Here it is.
Thanks a lot!!

Try this one, see if it installs and run ok

MiHuZe.apk (9.4 MB)


Yes!!! It works!!!
Thank you so much!!!
How did you fix it??

First of all min SDK for your app was set to android 10 but the main issue is in android manifest because is missing the Launcher intent filter
<category android:name="android.intent.category.LAUNCHER"/>
Did you remove the Launcher intent filter from activity in manifest?



I am not sure what is the “Launcher” or “manifest”. I might have accidentally changed it in the Kodular workspace? Where its defined (so I will know to restore the original settings)?
Where did you take the screenshot from?
Thanks again for the great help :heart:

Judging from your reply you couldn’t have done it. I decompiled your apk with APK editor studio to inspect it. I do not know what caused the problem maybe someone else might have an idea why this happened. If you wish pm me your aia to see if same thing happens if I imported aia and compiled it

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I sure will. Thanks!! :slight_smile:

Sorry for the Nuby question, but I am not sure how to send a PM in this environment? :see_no_evil:

For some reasons you have two different names in your app


Download the aia, move all content (if any) from folder you don’t want to keep, delete unwanted folder, save upload aia.


You are right! This was the old app name I had to change duo to naming violation with Play store rules (It was too similar to the name “whatsapp”). Is there a right way to change an app name in Kodular (without remaining like so)?
Thanks for your help :heart:.

I hope its acceptable, I PMed you the aia in Discord (I known there as Moozar).
Thank you so much!!

It worked!!! Here is what I did thanks for your advice:

  1. Downloaded the aia file.
  2. Changed its extension to “zip”.
  3. Extracted the files and folders in the zip file.
  4. Opened in text editor the files: “\src\io\kodular\ramidagan\MiHuZe\Screen1.scm” and “\youngandroidproject\”.
  5. Changed the occurrences of the old name “WhatsaPooh” to be the new name “MiHuZe”.
  6. Compressed the files\folder as an aia file.
  7. Imported the edited aia file to Kodular as a new project.

Now I am able to download the apk, install it and the app is running as expected. Thank you all (@dora_paz , @S.Vishwaja , @Boban ) so much for your great help. Its great to know I can keep in mind I am not alone when I have unexplained issues.


Hello I have Problem My App Did Not Open Just open Splesh Screen And Turn Off Please Slove My Proplem this is apk

Then have a look at that long list in

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i am facing same issue in my app

Have you seen above post ? Did you see if you have empty properties in designer view ?

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yes i see no empty designer view

As I said something in empty in Screen Main

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