App is not working in .apk on computer

Hi I create an app and also monitization approved.I download it in .apk file on computer and install on android phone but then it doesn’t work.when clicking on next button to open next screen it is opening next screen but going back to previous screen automatically after few seconds.
I have several pages on app but when any screen is opening it goes back automatically to screen no.2 which is main screen.
It is working perfectly on campanion code on mobile in test mode and shows all ads perfectly.I tried it but .apk file is not working on computer.
Can any one help please.

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how has @Zahoor marked this as solution? :thinking:
Above is the link which I upload on google drive and I also installed another app .apk file but it has also same issue.
Both apps working on test mode by connecting campanion but when installed on phone it is now moving to next screen.

I already suggested you what to do next.
Repeat: Show relevant blocks.

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How I add screen shots here is no option for insert or uploading images

That you didn’t find it doesn’t mean that it is not there :sunglasses:

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This is coding for main screen

AND This for the next screen name as job01

It seems you are making an earning app, just showing ads. That is not allowed.