App keeps on stoping

I have made an app but I found another error when I open the app.
It says the app keeps on stopping.
Here is the image -
Screenshot_20210410-122301_One UI Home
How can I fix this?

Did you try in companion mode? I mean, did it work in companion mode?

You really believe by just showing a picture that someone can help you with your error message.

Do yourself a favor and troubleshoot your app yourself by using ADB…

If you can’t comprehend the log then you may post it here for further help, until then don’t expect much…

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The companion never works on my phone

Change brwoser isntead of Chrome use only Mozila Firefox it works great

But still we are testing our app through companion mode using firefox…

Can bing be used?

This would be a very helpful debugging tool.Can this be done from within Kodular? How?


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