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Hey all I am making a app and I want that can the labels be changed to the users system language by using some extensions


Hello my name is lucky - this is the label and what I want is that can this be changed to the users system language

I found these extension to get system language

Why won’t you use device utilities component ?


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If you want to translate your application, I have prepared a great guide for this: How to effectively translate your application


Ya I can use that , but how can I translate the labels

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Another way is to use dictionary blocks

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Hey your guide is nice but isn’t there a simpler way to do that

Like I need to manually do the translation, can I do the same by Google translation extension

Why won’t you try it ?

Which one :thinking:

I can’t try anything as of now as my laptop has gone for repair

You can not translate your application with Google Translate, you will be blocked very quickly considering that you are requesting to translate a large amount of text one after the other.
There are no applications that do such a thing.
Try using a guide, this is the best way to translate an application in Kodular.


Do You want that all the labels on one screen are changes to users system language just in one block ?

All the labels

ok i got it wait let me check in one minute is this possible or not !

Yes this is possible to change all

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This is the component :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin: :grin:image

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And can we translate chat view messages too

Wait i am checking that only

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Can use this

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@Aditya_Nanda Yandex translate is a paid service