App link in another app

Hello people, how are you?
Check it out, I have an app and I’m inserting the link of another app installation, is there any problem doing this?
The apps are free.
Awaiting return.

No, Good way to get initial users.

Sure you can link to another application.

Ex if you have app 1 with let’s say links to other apps. And if you press Link 1, that’s supposed to be a Drawing app, it will check if app is installed, if not then it will show a message(notifier) that the app is not installed and ask if the user wants to install. If yes, then download and start APK install. Else if installed then you can start the app.

If this is apps you want to upload to Google play, then I think you only can link to the app on Google play, where they can read description of app and choose to install.