App links extension

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Deep link and app link are two different things. Deep link give you an option to select between chrome and android app to handle the url, where as app link makes your app the default handler for the url.

Inviting the developers to participate and develop an extension where the app is the default handler for the links without giving an option to the user.

Lets have an App link extension

Please refer to the guide for reference - Handling Android App Links  |  Android Developers

I am okay to pay for the extension

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There is sadly no way to make that in Kodular.
Because you need to edit the Manifest Code for that.
Maybe you can even do that but not as easy as adding a Extension.

Editing the manifest code is not the only thing, had it been so, I would have done, there are additional steps to it.

I believe it is possible if we code it, coding has no limitations!