App Monetization Review Renew

I got to know that we can’t get admob ads in our app if it have web viewer, so my app monetization was denied by kodular,
so if I know remove the web viewer so how can I again send monetization request?

Sure, you can apply again after you fix problems.

there’s no option to do that, it is just showing “Not Suitable For Moentization”

my app online camera contains WebView. and it is monetized.

please help?

2 options
#1 Send email to support and give details
#2 Try importing as new project and apply for approval on the new project.

Hope this helps


A few months ago I suggested Kodular to add a cancel option to monetization system. And Diego confirmed that they will add it. Don’t know if it’s still added or not. If added, you should see an option to reapply. So, @Diego can say more about this.

thanks I’ll give it a try :blush: