App name error ( Korean is broken T.T)

I checked out Kodular Fenix (v1.5.0) Bug Tracker before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

On 9/4, there was no problem.
But, when I updated my app today(21-09-18), my app’s name is broken.
I’m korean, so my app’s name is korean - 성향 테스트 모음.zip or 성 태 모.zip, but
today its name become : 성향테스트모음.zip. ( broken, corrupted, bakemoji…)

Does kodular have any language or compling issue now?
I want to update my app, but… because of name isuue, I can’t do it.
Please help me.
Thank you.

Steps to reproduce the issue

I tried to change my app name : 성향 테스트 모음.zip → 성 태 모.zip
but there has same issue. Korean is broken. ‘.zip’ was not broken…

++ I tried Chinese character too. Same problem.

Expected Behaviour

Actual Behaviour

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Android version

My phone : Galaxy S8+, Android 9, 4.4.111
Bluestack : newest
→ same issue.

Oh, I found the topic. Sorry for everyone.

Yes, kodular staff is working on it. So Mod pls de list the topic…

There was an error deleting that topic. Please contact the site’s administrator.

Haha - there’s error, too :frowning:

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