App Name Upload Play Store declined

Hello everybody,

I have created a checkpoint for my app in Kodular. I gave it a new name.
I kept working with the new name and now wanted to download a new release in the Play Store. The Play Console is now expecting the old name! Can I set this somewhere?

I use the version in the name

Do you want to update your app on play store?

just change the package name given in red color in kodular the export and try

I have versioned in Kodular for my projects and documented this in the name. Version 7 with the name: “Faulungenkod7” is the first version, which I downloaded as a test version / release 1 in the Google Play Store. Then I copied the project and continued working as the “Faulungenkod8” version. I can’t upload it to the Play Store now because “Faulungenkod7” is expected there.
Do I always have to work with “Faulungenkod7”? Or can I assign other names and store a fixed name such as “Faulungenkod7” in any settings?

yes, that must me your project name before building the app to get the correct package name