App not Closed after Back Pressed

When I press back it gives message “really exit?” and “Yes”. If I click on “Yes” , after splashing the app logo , it opens last visited page . App does not close . What should I change now ? Please

Here are the blocks

Is there any option when snakebar button click? Try that, else your blocks are ok, try to use when button click

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Probably reason for this is that you only open your screens but never close them

Note: if you only use the open another screen and never the close screen block, you will run out of memory after a while. Also reopening an already opened screen is a bad idea. For example if you open Screen1 twice, you also have to close your app twice!

Source App Inventor Tutorials and Examples: Manager Screen | Pura Vida Apps



yes . i never close them :fearful::fearful::grin:

there is no option when snakebar button click. when i click on “Yes”, it seems app is closing . after 2 second reopen the last visited page .

So how do you expect the app to close then


thanks Boban for your reply

i have like 10 buttons on home screen. and button1 for screen1, button2 for screen2…likewise.

block: when button1click
do open another screen name(screen1)
And when screen1 back pressed
open another screen name (home screen)

now what more should i do ? please

somehow i need to close the app

should i use “close screen” instead of ‘close application’ when snackbar1 click? would that work?

Should be the other way around

Button on screen1 open another screen(name)
And when screen(name) back pressed, close screen (to go back to screen1)

Then on Screen1 you can use your block to close your app



Yes i get it now . thanks a lot

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