App Not compiling into .aab or .apk

okk wait i m trying

opened lemme check your error

your app is too complicated next time don’t use multiple screens use visible property and create your app with 2-3 screens tell what type of app is that what can it do
just try one thing remove all firebase json file and generate new file from your project then upload that

This app is giving general information about my organization. Please could you elaborate on what you said?

Try this one Van_Angrakshak.aia (2.1 MB)

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The problem looks like Project In Project problem

Now, the fixed AIA is already @Boban :+1:t2:

This usually happens when you first accidentally import AIA instead of extension and then import a extension.

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How can i get like this log info

which log file

How can i get this info

this is not log u can’t get this it will come whenever there should be any error while compiling project otherwise u can’t get it

what did u do in this file and what was the problem

I asked to fix my app error

tell me maybe i can fix your error

I don’t have a fault right now, but when it does I asked for convenience

okay fine …

sometimes I don’t understand people.

from where did u get this i want also this (image)

It is in experimental group under the pallet

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Enable experimental and u can see this then.

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thanks for telling

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