App Not Installed Package Appears To Be Invalid Android 13

first of all hello to all of you like me many people must be facing this type of problem as you can see in the below image i can tag some people who are expert in these things if you know the solution If so let me know what is causing this issue only in Android 13 and 12, but running in Android 11, 10, 9 and all others.

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First, do not tag users just to get their attention if the problem is not urgent. This is not polite as we do not want to distract them.

This issue is due to multiple apps with the same package name. Please delete the old app that has the same package name as your app, then reinstall your app.

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this is small thing i make application i know about them but i am facing problem know about this application but android 12 and 13 showing message like this but this android Works smoothly in 11 if it is running then what is the problem in 12 and 13 due to which it is showing this type of message which you have seen in above image. @Gordon_Lu

Different devices have different operating systems. Just accept the fact that they are different, delete the old app with the same package name and reinstall!

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Again, do not tag users. This is very distracting.

What is your package name? Set it to a completely different package name and retry…also change the app name as well.

Finally found the problem it was not installing due to list view component so for future if any one have this problem you can suggest on list view. @Gordon_Lu :heart:


I have created an empty project with only list view component and it works perfectly! But Still cant find a solution this issue?

What is the exact error message?
Search for that in the community…


Yeah Same problem here

add android:exported = “true” in androidmenifest.xml file where
<activity android:name=“com.unity3d.player.UnityPlayerActivity” android:exported =“true” …
it will work fine as this exported should true for android 13 or upto 13