App not installed

I don’t know what to do anymore, I’ve turned off play protect, I’ve allowed installation of unknown sources. I changed the version code, I’m lost

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  • Deinstall a previous version of the app.
  • Remove the lauchner icon and try again.
    (your app icon, “*****”, size: 512x512px, should be max. 192x192px, eg: 96x96px)

If this does not help, which device & Android version?


It still isn’t working. I have the Samsung Note 9, android version 9

You should change the names of your files also. Some are really offensive.


Tez shots application open

But I also have android version 9 I didn’t get any issues in installing.
your app install successfully in my device. :thinking:

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There was an extra apk hidden somewhere on my phone, thanks for the support.

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