App not installed

when i setup the app it tells me that
what are the reasons and what should i do to prevent any device from this error ?!!

Temporarily disable Google Play Protect and try again.

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if i upload the app to google play any device will face this prob again or what ?!!

Check with some other phones. Have you uploaded the app icon properly (in proper size)?

Check that there are no errors in the Blocks area. Recompile, and retry.

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i do not put an icon yet
but what is the proper size ?!

Previously I used Thunkable.
I think the default or the universal size is 150px by 150px

I’ll suggest 512x512. Anything should work.

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there are no errors
and when i disable Google Play Protect it installed
but i want to install it on many device without telling them you have to disable Google Play Protect to be able to install my app do you understand me !!
i wanna the app installed without any probs or any thing manually :pensive:

Well, publishing to Google Play would solve your problem.

ok , thank you :rose:

Also same problem with me, App not installed without play protect unselect. why?

Sideloading is discouraged.

After making an app in kodular. Whenever I am trying to install this app, Google says “Play protect doesn’t recognize this app’s developer. Apps from unknown developers can sometimes be unsafe.” or app not installed.