App not installed

  • I closed google protection
  • I reseted Preferences from Apps in setting
  • I tried changing app name and package

still have this problems for some users not all mobiles … Any suggestions?

If you already have the app installed on your device, and you are trying to install again or update using an apk, it may be the reason you are giving this error.
And then if you already have the app installed on your device, try uninstalling it first, then try installing it in the apk again.

Note that if you uninstall the already installed app, you will not lose any data. So do bkp.

I don’t have the app on my phone … and I already changed app name … package name … version too which not important so it’s defined as a new app but still have the same problem on some devices … so if there is another suggestion to try I will be thankful
And thanks too for replying :heart:

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Which phone you are using ???

Edit: I don’t know which phone are you using but if you are using xiamoi phone then you are using old package installer update your package installer from play store or mi store

Edit: Also if you add a component or extension that needs higher SDK (api), then your min SDK (api) will inherit that value regardless what you have set in Screen1…