App not publishing

Please help me to publish my app…
I have published my app on apkpure but 2 times it failed and 3rd time it’s not publishing after 5 days…
Please either tell a solution for this or suggest any other platform…
It’s my 1st app so I’m not publishing it on play store…
Please help​:pray::pray:

show you app Design

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this app mb size

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APK size is approx 6mb

ok but any error show apkpure
your error screenshot send

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Version Code error

It showed that there’s maybe an error in description, screenshots or video…
I have added description of 1000 characters
No video and 5 screenshots

your app package name and Version Code change

Yes I have to change it to publish it again
Everytime I changed the package name in apk also

your app not signing apk
apkpure only one app public kodular app

Sorry I don’t understand what you are saying
Please tell a solution for this

easy app tool software used your app signing
new app upload in apkpure

What are you saying??
Should I sign apk?
Please reply

Anyone please tell the solution :pray::pray:

Just show me the error message
Click on menu then message option.

I have changed your topic category from #discuss to #off-topic because your problem is not related to Kodular.

Oh I didn’t saw it​:sweat_smile:

I think your app need much content.