App Permission Problem

when i open my app,its need to permission file,storage etc.But in my app donot need any permission. I think its makeroid bug.

How to solve this problem.?
i don’t use any exention now.
Using components
1)web viewer

Tiny DB requires a storage permission! Along with WebViewer as downloaded files may be downloaded to the device.


web viewer have no any download option.
But TinyDb why need permission?
In thunkable,appybuilder,need not any permission.

You’re storing variables on the device without user permission then, Web Viewer can have a download option depending on the site you’re on.

in my web,have no any download option.

They don’t know how to set a real API 27.


Ok if you go onto a site on the Web Viewer in your app, you can goto any site if allowed, if you download an APK from any site from the Web Viewer, it needs to be saved to the device, and therefor you need the storage permission!

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without app permission, variable not store in device?

You can make it do that however I think @Kodular should help now.


i think so


Is this an earning app?


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Yes.this is moneystorm

He asked if it’s a money app


yes.i say it is moneyapp

Tiny DB is a storage component so the app requires permission to access your files.

In other builders the permission is automatically granted. But makeroid, which is a better platform, asks user to grant the permission.

Don’t be afraid of getting your information leaked.
Makeroid is a good and safe place.

Happy Developing! :grinning:


if users denied to access .Then what happened? becuase i use tinyDb for store user id.
how to control tinyDb permission?
When denied by users, he can’t able to anything.

That’s the entire point of having permissions.

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suppose users denied, then he can’t go to other screen.
Is it possible?

Probably. Yeah.

Using the Is Permissions Granted block when Screen1.Initialize with a green not block connected to Is Permissions Granted, then Close Applications if If not Is Permissions Granted, you can then make it impossible to use your app without permissions.