App promotion without play store

As we know playstore charges 25$ for registration of console Account and some peoples like me, are not approachable for this.
Is that any another alternative way to get more users …?

  1. I’ve published my app on Amazon app store, once i got rejected then i applied again and its under review from 5 days.
  2. I published app on Apkpure and its also under review from 6 days.

If anyone have some tips kindly guide me it also help others community members.
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Facebook video downloader

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Who told you that fb video downloader complies with fb policies? My advice would be to buy a play console, It’s one time investment but the returns are unimaginable (that depends on your app & ASO)

what about suspension of console Account because fb downloading is also against of google play TOS.

And if it is against Facebook or Google TOS it is also against Kodular TOS. So you could lose your developer account. :wink: It is up to you.

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We see a lot of mostly young users here that have no idea of the concept behind copyright or TOS.

calm down :grin: that was just for clarification !

Me too. If you ever loose your Kodular developer account you can not say you weren’t warned.

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Then don’t make such apps

Read the post carefuly please and then comment something like this.