App refresh/closes on Login Screen


We are testing to release a new version of our app, and we get an issue, after successfully Login, the app goes to Home Page and immediately after this closes and either refreshes again to Login screen or rarely just closes on it’s own. I’ve been stuck on this loop over and over again.

I think this has been happening in Android 11, because I tested in another device (Android 8) and it’s working fine there.

And of course this started happening after Kodular released their latest update.

Pls read the globally pinned message

You may forget to fill screen title name

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I did, nothing of those things fixed the issue,
That’s why I post here

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Nice to hear that

BTW, can you share your apk for testing, as well as demo aia

Thank You for the fast responses.

Unfortunately I am unable to share apk for testing at the moment, However I just found more information and a solution to the issue.

I have 2 Devices with me, doing the testing at the moment
- Xiaomi Note 10 - Android 11
- Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus - Android 8

At home I have 5GHz Wi-Fi Internet and my mobile Internet 4G.
On Note 10 with Android 11, where I am experiencing the refreshing loop, I am using 5GHz. I just tried my Mobile Internet 4G, and the refresh issue was gone… so definitely my 5GHz in Note 10 was causing this somehow. The funny part is, in my other device with Android 8 I also use the same home Wi-Fi 5GHz, and didn’t get the refresh loop.

Somehow these things are connected and need to figure what causes the issue, before publishing in Playstore…
Any advice?

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If you checked above post and haven’t found anything and if problem not solved use logcat and see in log what causes the error.

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