App refresh issue while switching back

My app mostly requires users to visit links to perform small tasks and then return back to app. While doing so,app auto refreshes in background and they reach homepage. Actually it is a webview app. How to prevent auto app reftesh in background and give them where they left last?

What blocks are you using…Attach an image

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This has nothing to do with blocks. Is there any way to open app from where someone left it last?

Use virtual screens.

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How to use virtual screens?

Virtual screens means use different arrangement and switch their visibility according to your need.

Using a specific url, i have managed it upto a large extent. This much is sufficient for now.
Is there any way to show splash screen once only or only after a long time not using app, preferably

Once only means when the app opens, if you want like this, use screen initialize block under which set your splash screen to true and set timer enabled true, when clock timer, set splash screen visible to false and timer enabled to flase

where to find block for splash screen? screen menu does not contain such block

You need to create your own splash image and use it and in Screen1 there is an option to select an image and make it splash screen, enable splash screen

that is already there in my app, as i discussed in issue that i dont want to appear it time and again. i am asking how to perform action using block when screen initialises, as you said

On screen initialize set image visible to true and enable timer, when timer set image visible to false and timer enabled to false and if you want your image(splash screen to be animating) use this extension

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where to get block for “image”

Use image component for that

Thanks a lot mate, because of this my app’s background refreshing is automatically fixed.

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