App Rejected on Play Store

Hi everyone…
I uploaded my 1st app on play store on 4th Sep…
And today it was rejected…
I think that the error is in Privacy Policy(Created with Termsfeed)… If so, please tell me how to create it…

Please tell me what to do…

If you’ve included your project in the Designed for Family program, it might. Because Designed for Family apps/games are being examined more.

So what to do now??

you have to provide privacy policy link with families policy.

you can a create a privacy policy website at blogger.

just go to

then create a new blog
enter following details
you will got a free subdomain (privacy policy)


I’ve tried but when I try to Sign in, always the home page opens…

Just search about this issue on youtube, you will get tutorial videos.

Ok I’ll see

Well I don’t collect any information from the users…
So please tell me which site I can use to generate my privacy policy for free…

what about doing a search in the community?
you are not the first one asking that question…


But there is no site mentioned that’s why I’m asking



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I’ve tried it already…
It only gives us text but I want URL

Seems you’re too lazy to look around the page. :expressionless: Copy HTML code and use it on your website.

You need to copy the text into a local file on your computer, then verify it carefully: your name (or your company name) and the application name should be correct, and exactly the same as what you’ve filled for your app in Google Play Store. Also add a date (like September 8, 2020), because all official documents must have a date.

Then go to your blog at (you can use your gmail user interface to open it), create a new page, fill it in with a copy of your privacy policy, and publish it. Now you have the link.


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Thanks a lot I am successful in creating URL

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