App rejected two times from kodular ads approval

I created url shortening app and applied for montization and rejected two times.i use only one
third party taifun clipboard extension.can you please tell me the reason why rejected low quality or policy problem.

usually you get the reason why the app was rejected from Google…
you might want to check your project in the Google Play console…

@Yasink You may want to be more specific, are you talking about a rejection by Kodular ads approval or by Google on the Play Store?

Sorry I forgot to mention.
Iam talking about kodular monetization approval

You still didn’t tell anything about your app. What does it do?

It just shorten long url ( into short like (https://bitly/324)

All the necessary comments have already been mentioned here. Give more details … especially the messages from the Play Store.

Then it will be low quality i guess.

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I Didn’t applied for play store

So I will not get approval

There is any other way to get approved

I read it many times and i followed guidelines

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You already have a topic about this. Please don’t spam other people’s topics.

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