App review status

How do I know if my application is under review?
And in how many days will the review take place?

Review for Monetization, in Kodular?
Did you ask to review?
If so, it’s in the same place. - Then choose the project, which you asked for review.

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365 days ?
only one person doing this job ? lol

We don’t know if the apps are being reviewed. In the last few months I can say for sure that I saw douzens of people complaining and I don’t remember anyone saying that his request was answered. Not aproved or refused, just awaiting. If your app won’t be published in playstore, for now it will be better if you monetize without using kodular components. you can use enhance for example, after the apk is generated.

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In my case, I’m waiting for one month now… And nothing happens…

I already published on playstore with admob component.
It is already generating revenues.

My bad, I thought you were the creator of this topic

If the app is posted in playsore it doesn’t need kodular aproval. The problem is for those that won’t publish in playstore

I already have an app in Google Play Store with two banners and an instersticial. Is it interesting to change to AdSense with Kodular?
The revenues will be higher, even with the 15% for Kodular?

Adsense is for websites. for apps you must use admob. If you are using admob ok, but if you are using adsense remove it right now because you Adsense and Admob account may be suspended anytime.

And about revenue, I don’t know if there will be any difference.

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Sorry, I meant Ad Manager.
Edit: anyway, you need an AdSense account in order to work with Ad Manager.

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